The Fine Art of Car Wars Cartography (Lewis & Clark Memorial Auto Stadium)

by Greengoat

I have been meaning to post this one for a while.

A while back I got the hankering to run some Car Wars mayhem for the NY Redbox crew and I realized that my haphazard collection of CW material was lacking in good arenas. Oh how I missed my old Armadillo Arena from back in the day.

So I did what any self-respecting CW referee would do and created my own arena in my vector software mimicking the fonts and styles of the old CW map materials, printed it up at Staples and laminated it. And bang, Lewis & Clark Memorial Auto Stadium opened for amateur night.

Located on a river flood plain right outside of Portland Oregon, Lewis & Clark Memorial serves as the main regional duel-grounds for AADA sanctioned events and sees strong enthusiasm from the local populace. The arena features curving 45′ tall walls to contain weapons fire from affecting the local wildlife but has an open top that allows the bright summer sky in as well as the constant rain in the off-season. The “winter web-foot” events are quite popular in the region. Using a unique drainage filtration system of ground tires and hardy native grasses, there is very little ecological impact from the hazardous chemicals sometimes used in the dueling sport, however bio-degrade dropped oils and ceramic casing mines are required at all events.

The prominent features of the rectangular arena are the eight entrance gates and the eight concrete television towers that are symmetrically placedin the middle of the duel floor. Mixed slalom races around the perimeter of the arena using the TV towers are quite popular usually with delayed weapon activation until a number of towers is passed by each driver. The bright white circle in the middle of the floor is for capture the flag events.


Also a nice PDF of the original Harshman Arena from the old pocket box. Enjoy.