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Long Time No Post. Here Are Some Apocalypse Illustrations.

Sorry I haven’t posted on my blog in quite a while. I have just noticed that my One Page Dungeon Devil Gut Rock has been translated into German for the Dungeon Slayers rule-set and I was tickled pink so I thought I should start posting again. To tide you over for fresh content. I am posting some interim ink illustrations.

Bad Supermarket

Bad Supermarket

Flail Flowers

Flail Flowers

These are two illustrations I did for Tim Snider’s One Year In The Savage AfterWorld, a book of complete adventure material for Mutant Future.

Check it out here.


One Page Dungeon: Devil Gut Rock

So, in the interest of triggering more rpg game-playing in my recalcitrant friend, I challenged him to make an entry for the One Page Dungeon Contest this year. Although he is well versed in the nature of dungeon adventuring and RPGs from way back in his youth, he balks at currently playing for various reasons of time commitment and free time. However, he is quite keen on the study of structures and the creation of “game play objects” like miniature painting and particularly making war-game scenery. I knew he would be up for some dungeon design.

So I emailed him the link to the One Page Dungeon contest on a lark, realizing that we had just over a week to go before the submission deadline. But it would be fun to goad him into a competitive effort. The process would be good for my infrequent DMing as well.

After he took the bait and started discussing ideas I then started to look through the OPDC webpage in earnest and saw that there were actual prizes awarded and I got more excited. And then I looked through the winning entries from the previous years and got nervous. There was some good stuff, both from a visual standpoint and play-wise. It would be some stiff competition.

Oh well, I figured, I told him we should blast through the process, try and get them submitted and then take turns playing each other through the dungeons one night. (Maybe shouting over to Mrs. Greengoat about how much fun this was.) That would be the best part and I could use my entry for a future session with the notorious NY Redbox Crew.

So after too much time spent on inking my isometric map and cramming as much text as I could decently fit on a sheet of paper I was finished. I wanted a good playable dungeon and kept my visual extravagances limited for readability and clarity. Or maybe I tell myself that because the map is kinda bare.) It has inspired me to get into more isometric cartography in future endeavors.

Tools used: I inkjet printed an isometric grid straight onto Borden & Riley Paris Paper and penciled in the rooms. I used india ink with brush and pen straight over that and added the keyed numbers digitally. Wrote the text in Open Office and did layout in InDesign with free fonts. I should start using all open source software in the future. Adobe habits are hard to break. I listened to the Melvins during the process.

Use and Enjoy:


Car Wars – Movement Cards

Taking inspiration from the sets of movement cards for phased-movement in other games, I created a simple set of five letter-sized movement cards for use in my Car Wars duels. Generally if I was refereeing a game & running vehicles the distraction of having to manage the movement chart made my tactics suffer. So my solution was to make the movement chart shared by the table so people can mind their own movement phases. I printed them on card stock, laminated them, and put them on a typing stand on the play table and they work great.  I guess there is more of an honor system involved and the players have to make sure they move in proper succession (faster to slower) but I like not having the move chart in front of me. Use and enjoy.


Dwimmermount Sketches

As part of the Dwimmermount Kickstarter run by my associate Tavis Allison I have been doing some sketches in my role as one of the Artists-In-Residence in his table sessions run at the Brooklyn Strategist.

If you didn’t know, it is somewhat hard to make a worthwhile drawing while contributing to the table and not getting your character killed in old-school play. I have a couple of sketches bouncing around but I actually had to sit down and work a while to come up with something not-totally-embarrassing.

I fixated on the strange decimated hamburger orcs that our party encountered near the main entrance of the dungeon and was hard pressed for a way of depicting an orc reduced to ground-chuck and reformed into his former living shape. I decided that a lack of eye-lids is what would tell that story.

The Fine Art of Car Wars Cartography (Lewis & Clark Memorial Auto Stadium)

I have been meaning to post this one for a while.

A while back I got the hankering to run some Car Wars mayhem for the NY Redbox crew and I realized that my haphazard collection of CW material was lacking in good arenas. Oh how I missed my old Armadillo Arena from back in the day.

So I did what any self-respecting CW referee would do and created my own arena in my vector software mimicking the fonts and styles of the old CW map materials, printed it up at Staples and laminated it. And bang, Lewis & Clark Memorial Auto Stadium opened for amateur night.

Located on a river flood plain right outside of Portland Oregon, Lewis & Clark Memorial serves as the main regional duel-grounds for AADA sanctioned events and sees strong enthusiasm from the local populace. The arena features curving 45′ tall walls to contain weapons fire from affecting the local wildlife but has an open top that allows the bright summer sky in as well as the constant rain in the off-season. The “winter web-foot” events are quite popular in the region. Using a unique drainage filtration system of ground tires and hardy native grasses, there is very little ecological impact from the hazardous chemicals sometimes used in the dueling sport, however bio-degrade dropped oils and ceramic casing mines are required at all events.

The prominent features of the rectangular arena are the eight entrance gates and the eight concrete television towers that are symmetrically placedin the middle of the duel floor. Mixed slalom races around the perimeter of the arena using the TV towers are quite popular usually with delayed weapon activation until a number of towers is passed by each driver. The bright white circle in the middle of the floor is for capture the flag events.


Also a nice PDF of the original Harshman Arena from the old pocket box. Enjoy.


Illustrations for Adventurer Conqueror King

So a while back, I offered some illustration support to my friends over at Autarch who where in the process of crowd-editing the ACKS core rules and also filling the book with the amazing workmanship of Ryan Browning. It was intimidating to try and match his verve and pace in the ton of pieces that he whipped out for the text but I took my time and cranked out some kludgy pieces that gradually got more refined as I went. Here is a collection of some of those pieces.


I am currently hard at work putting final touches on the 100+ troop counters for their Domains At War book.

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